Oppo Reno11 series

Oppo Reno11 Series Set to Receive Global Rollout of Generative AI Features in Q2 2024

Oppo, a leading smartphone manufacturer, has made a significant announcement regarding its popular Oppo Reno11 series. The company has revealed plans for a global rollout of generative AI features for the Reno11 lineup, expected to occur within the second quarter of 2024. This move comes as part of Oppo’s strategic initiative to enhance its AI capabilities and deliver cutting-edge user experiences worldwide.

The decision follows the establishment of the Oppo AI Center, aimed at bolstering the brand’s AI capabilities and developing innovative, user-centric AI products and features. Among the confirmed generative AI features for the Reno11 series is the AI Eraser, which promises to revolutionize image editing capabilities on these smartphones.

Pete Lau, Chief Product Officer at Oppo, expressed enthusiasm about the evolution of smartphones into the era of AI. He highlighted the transformative potential of next-generation AI smartphones in reshaping both the mobile phone industry and user experiences. Lau emphasized Oppo’s commitment to driving this transformation and delivering pioneering AI smartphones to users globally.

The Oppo Reno11 series, comprising the Reno11, Reno11 Pro, and Reno11 F models, has garnered acclaim for its sleek design and advanced features. While Oppo has not disclosed a comprehensive list of generative AI features, the promise of a global rollout indicates a significant enhancement to the Reno11 user experience.

Commenting on the announcement, Pete Lau, Chief Product Officer, Oppo, said, “Following feature phones and smartphones, next-gen AI Smartphones will represent the third major transformative stage in the mobile phone industry. In the era of AI Smartphones, both the mobile phone industry and user experience will witness revolutionary changes. OPPO is dedicated to becoming a contributor and promoter of AI Smartphones.

As speculation arises regarding the potential expansion of the Reno lineup or the introduction of the Reno12 series, Oppo’s focus remains on delivering innovative solutions that push the boundaries of smartphone technology.

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