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Samsung Galaxy S24 Series European Pricing Revealed Ahead of Launch

As the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S24 series gears up for its official release next month, tech enthusiasts are eager to uncover the details surrounding the flagship devices. In a recent leak, the European pricing for the Galaxy S24 series has emerged, shedding light on what consumers can expect in terms of cost.

For those eyeing the base model, the Galaxy S24 with 128GB storage is set to be priced at €899, while the 256GB variant comes in at €959. Moving up the ladder to the Galaxy S24+, the pricing for the 256GB version is €1,149, and the 512GB variant is listed at €1,269. However, the crème de la crème, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, commands a higher price tag, with the 256GB variant at €1,149 and the 512GB model at €1,569.

It’s noteworthy that these prices are specific to the European market, and variations may occur in other regions. Interestingly, no information has been disclosed about the potential cost of the Galaxy S24 Ultra with 1TB storage. Speculations also abound regarding possible pricing adjustments in regions outside Europe, with some indications suggesting that costs may remain consistent or even decrease.

As the February 17th launch date approaches, tech enthusiasts are bracing themselves for a barrage of leaks and additional details about the Galaxy S24 series. Whether it’s the robust specifications, innovative features, or pricing strategies, the anticipation continues to build, promising an exciting unveiling for Samsung enthusiasts worldwide.

Source: Galaxy Club

Note: The information provided is based on leaked details and may be subject to change upon the official release.

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