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Google Ends Support for Chrome and Calendar on Android 7 Nougat After Seven Years

In a move reflecting the rapid evolution of technology, Google has recently announced the discontinuation of support for its Chrome browser and Calendar app on devices still running Android 7 Nougat. This marks the end of an era for users who have stuck with this version for the past seven years since its initial release. With this development, Google emphasizes the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest Android versions to continue enjoying essential applications.

As revealed on the support page, the forthcoming Chrome version 120 will no longer be compatible with Android 7 Nougat. Currently, the latest available version is Chrome 119, making it the final iteration that users on Nougat can access. The move doesn’t necessarily indicate a complete halt in support for all Google apps on Android 7, but it raises questions about the future compatibility of other essential applications.

The last version of Chrome that supports Android Nougat is Chrome 119, and it includes a message to affected users informing them to upgrade their operating system.

Chrome 120 will not support nor ship to users running Android Nougat.

For those unwilling or unable to upgrade to a newer device, the announcement suggests exploring alternative solutions such as custom ROMs. Custom ROMs not only provide a workaround for the end of support but also offer the advantage of running more recent Android versions, ensuring users aren’t stuck with the outdated Android 7 Nougat.

However, navigating custom ROM installation may prove challenging for some users. In such cases, opting for alternative browsers and calendar apps becomes a practical solution to continue using these essential services. Users are encouraged to explore user-friendly alternatives available on the Play Store that cater to their browsing and scheduling needs.

The discontinuation of Chrome and Calendar support for Android 7 Nougat highlights the inevitable progression in the tech world. Users are advised to consider upgrading to newer Android versions or exploring alternative apps to ensure a seamless digital experience. As technology evolves, staying current with software updates remains crucial for accessing the latest features and maintaining security.

Source: Google Support

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