Honor MagicOS 8

Honor Initiates Closed Beta Testing for MagicOS 8 with Google Play Support

Honor, the renowned smartphone manufacturer, is set to unveil its much-anticipated MagicOS 8, a successor to the MagicOS 7 interface introduced nearly a year ago. This exciting news has been confirmed through a recent community post on the Honor community forum in China, where it was revealed that closed beta testing for MagicOS 8 will commence later this month. Notably, this testing phase will be available to owners of the Magic5 series and Magic V2 devices. The most intriguing aspect of this announcement is that the beta version will include support for Google Play services, offering a seamless and enhanced user experience.

Chinese users who own the Magic5 series and Magic V2 devices and wish to be among the first to explore MagicOS 8 can register for the closed beta through a dedicated sign-up form. Honor plans to share a more precise timeline for the closed beta release, as well as an additional sign-up sheet, on a first-come, first-served basis. We eagerly anticipate further revelations about the features and improvements that MagicOS 8 will bring in the upcoming weeks.

Honor MagicOS 8

Honor’s commitment to delivering the best user experience is evident in this move, as they not only continue to evolve their proprietary interface but also extend support for Google Play services. This integration will enable users to access a wide array of apps, services, and content seamlessly, making their Honor devices even more versatile and appealing.

With MagicOS 8, users can look forward to a host of new enhancements and optimizations that will undoubtedly elevate their smartphone experience. The closed beta testing phase will play a crucial role in fine-tuning the software, ensuring it meets the highest standards of performance, reliability, and user satisfaction.

Stay tuned for more updates on MagicOS 8, and be ready to explore the exciting new features and capabilities it will bring to Honor’s Magic5 series and Magic V2 devices. Honor’s dedication to innovation and user-centric design continues to shine through, making this an exciting development for the world of smartphones.

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