OnePlus 12 wood texture back

OnePlus 12 Teases Unique Wood Texture Design Option

In a surprising twist, the highly anticipated OnePlus 12 is rumored to offer a distinctive wood texture back, adding a touch of nostalgia to the flagship smartphone. According to reliable sources, including Digital Chat Station, the upcoming device will be available in a variant featuring a wood texture. However, the ambiguity surrounding whether it is an actual wood back or a wood texture case has sparked debate among enthusiasts.

OnePlus has a history of experimenting with textures on its phone exteriors, having previously introduced wood texture cases for some models. Notably, the company’s inaugural smartphone, the OnePlus One, even featured removable wood texture backs. The potential incorporation of a wood texture in the OnePlus 12 might be seen as a nod to the brand’s roots, paying homage to its initial model.

The details remain unclear due to the vagueness of a machine-translated description and an enigmatic accompanying image. It is uncertain whether the wood texture will be crafted from genuine wood or if the company will utilize materials like plastic or glass to simulate the distinctive aesthetic. Given OnePlus’s previous offerings, speculation leans towards the possibility of a wood texture case rather than a fully integrated wooden back.

OnePlus 12 wood texture back

As the OnePlus 12 is slated for a December 4th unveiling in the Chinese market and a subsequent international release in January, enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting confirmation on this intriguing design element. Until then, the tech community is left to speculate and anticipate the unique visual appeal that a wood texture option might bring to the OnePlus 12.

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