Realme 12 Pro+

Realme 12 Pro+ Confirms Periscope Camera: A Shift from 200MP Trend

Realme has officially confirmed that the upcoming Realme 12 Pro+ will feature a periscope camera, marking a departure from the popular trend of high-resolution sensors, like the crossed-out “200MP” teased earlier. Realme India’s recent post on X emphasized the importance of a periscope lens for enhanced image clarity, particularly at high zoom levels. The teaser page further highlights the advantages of a dedicated periscope camera, showcasing improved separation between subjects and backgrounds, especially in portrait photos.

The Realme 12 Pro has already made an appearance on TENAA, showcasing what appears to be a periscope lens. This strengthens expectations that the Pro+ variant will also incorporate this advanced camera technology. However, the absence of a 200MP sensor in the Pro+ model should not be ruled out entirely. While the Realme 11 Pro+ featured a 200MP sensor, it lacked any form of optical zoom. Realme now asserts that for a device to be considered a flagship, it must include a periscope lens, challenging the notion that a 200MP camera alone defines flagship status.

In today’s smartphone landscape, 200MP cameras have become relatively common, but Realme is asserting that true flagship status is achieved only with the inclusion of a periscope lens. This marks a strategic shift in the industry’s focus, placing greater importance on optical zoom capabilities for superior image quality, especially in scenarios requiring close-ups or improved subject-background separation.

As anticipation builds for the Realme 12 Pro+ release, users are eager to witness the potential of the periscope camera in action. The device’s departure from the 200MP sensor trend, in favor of optical zoom functionality, indicates a commitment to providing users with a more versatile and superior photography experience.


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