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Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Leak Reveals Limited RAM and Storage Options, Fans Express Disappointment

With just a few weeks until the official unveiling of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S24 series, leaks have surfaced on X, providing insights into the storage, RAM, and color options. Unfortunately, the leaked specifications have left many fans disappointed, particularly when compared to the innovations seen in Samsung’s competitors.

The leak exposes Samsung’s decision to cap the Galaxy S24 lineup at 12GB of RAM, a move that stands in stark contrast to the industry trend where competitors are launching flagships with double the memory. While Samsung enthusiasts await the arrival of the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra in January, the limited RAM options raise concerns about the devices’ ability to compete with rivals in terms of performance.

Revegnus, the tipster behind the leak, suggests that Samsung is introducing vibrant ‘Yellow’ and ‘Violet’ finishes to the lineup. This move is expected to appeal to the younger customer base, allowing for a unique layer of personalization, aligning with fashion choices and other accessories.

Notably, the base model of the Galaxy S24 will retain 8GB of RAM, while the Galaxy S24 Plus has been upgraded to 12GB, mirroring the specifications of the top-tier Galaxy S24 Ultra. However, disappointment lingers as the Ultra model maintains the same 12GB RAM as the previous year. Samsung’s strategy, aimed at preserving profit margins amid rising costs of advanced components like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, may face challenges against competitors adopting up to 24GB RAM in their flagship smartphones.

An earlier rumor hinted at a 12GB RAM limit for the Galaxy S24 series, but additional details now confirm the inclusion of a massive 1TB internal storage option. Whether this storage can be expanded through a microSD card remains uncertain. The premium Galaxy S24 Ultra will feature the coveted 1TB storage option, potentially requiring users to invest extra savings for the top-tier flagship experience.

Despite the disappointment surrounding the RAM limitations, Samsung enthusiasts eagerly await the ‘Galaxy Unpacked’ event, hoping for surprises that may address these concerns and provide additional insights into the upcoming flagship devices.

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