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Vivo S18 Unveiling on December 4: Design Revealed Featuring BlueLM AI and Impressive Camera Setup

Vivo enthusiasts, mark your calendars! The much-anticipated Vivo S18 is set to make its debut on December 4, as confirmed by the Vice President of Products at the company. The new series is generating buzz not only for its cutting-edge features but also for the inclusion of Vivo’s proprietary artificial intelligence, BlueLM. The name draws inspiration from the distinctive blue color of the logo, with LM likely referring to “language model.”

The design sneak peek reveals a sleek smartphone adorned with three rear cameras, accompanied by a square Aura Light—the largest ever seen on a Vivo S smartphone. While the design description doesn’t divulge extensive details, it highlights the presence of “OIS portrait,” a feature previously seen in the S17 and V29 lineup. This indicates that the phone will boast Optical Image Stabilization for its primary camera, aligning with the high standards set by the recent V29 Pro model.

Rumors circulating in tech circles hint at the Vivo S18 being powered by the formidable Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 chipset, underscoring the brand’s commitment to top-notch performance. Additionally, there’s speculation that the Pro variant might house the Dimensity 9200+ SoC. Tech enthusiasts and mobile aficionados can anticipate a deeper dive into these specifications and more as the official unveiling approaches next week.

As the smartphone landscape evolves, Vivo continues to push boundaries with its innovative designs and advanced technologies. The combination of BlueLM AI, a distinctive camera setup, and powerful chipsets positions the upcoming Vivo S18 as a contender for smartphone enthusiasts seeking the latest and greatest in mobile technology.

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