Samsung self-repair program

Samsung Expands Self-Repair Program for Galaxy Foldable Phones

In a groundbreaking move, Samsung is now offering spare parts for its latest foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5, as part of its self-repair program. This initiative, already encompassing devices like the Galaxy S23 series, Tab S9 series, and Galaxy Book 2 Pro series, allows users to take charge of their phone repairs.

Samsung’s commitment to user empowerment extends to Galaxy A devices, with an expansion of the self-help repair program. While not all the latest parts are currently available on the website, the South Korean tech giant assures users that these components will gradually be added for easy access.

Moreover, Samsung is broadening its self-repair service to reach more regions in Europe and South Korea. Users in 30 additional countries in the EU, including Denmark, Greece, Portugal, and Hungary, can now benefit from this service, facilitating efficient phone repairs.

Although repairing foldable phones may seem daunting, Samsung’s move is a step in the right direction. The inclusion of these devices in the Samsung self-repair program provides users with the opportunity to mend their phones independently. While acknowledging the challenges, Samsung emphasizes the provision of proper components and guidance videos to support users through the process.

For those who may find self-repairing overwhelming, the option to seek professional assistance remains viable. Technicians are available to address any concerns, offering an alternative to those who prefer not to embark on the repair journey alone.

Source: iFixit

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