S-Pen design FCC

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra S-Pen’s Design Unveiled by FCC

In an exciting development, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has provided a glimpse into the design of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s S-Pen, pushing the eagerly anticipated smartphone one step closer to its official launch in January 2024. The S-Pen, a signature accessory for Samsung’s flagship devices, has received certification from the FCC, shedding light on its features and aesthetics.

S-Pen design FCC

The FCC documents reveal that the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s S-Pen, with the model code EJ-PS928, boasts BLE connectivity—a technology that enhances the stylus’s capabilities. Visually, the S-Pen appears reminiscent of its predecessor, the S23 Ultra’s stylus. The FCC documentation highlights a grey/graphite color variant, hinting at the possibility of additional color options corresponding to the smartphone’s palette.

S-Pen design FCC

According to FCC specifications, the S-Pen operates within a frequency range of 2,402 – 2,480 MHz and measures 104.64mm in length. However, details such as its weight and whether it carries any IP rating remain undisclosed. Samsung enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting further information, and as the anticipated January launch date for the Galaxy S24 series approaches, more details are expected to surface in the coming weeks.

As Samsung continues to innovate its flagship offerings, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s S-Pen is poised to offer users an enhanced and seamless experience. The incorporation of BLE connectivity indicates a focus on improved functionality and interaction with the device.


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