Gboard handwriting input

Gboard Introduces Handwriting Input for Pixel and Galaxy Tablets

Gboard handwriting input : In a recent update, Gboard, Google’s renowned keyboard app, has rolled out an exciting feature allowing users on Pixel and Samsung Galaxy tablets to utilize handwriting input directly in text fields. This enhancement brings a notable improvement, particularly for Samsung Galaxy tablet users, who were previously restricted to the native Samsung keyboard for this functionality.

The version 13.7 of Gboard introduces a user-friendly “Write in text fields” feature, enhancing the overall user experience. This function not only facilitates text input using a stylus but also incorporates several editing actions, streamlining the text-editing process. Users can now delete by scratching out letters, words, or phrases, select by drawing a circle around text, insert by drawing a caret or arrow, join text with a vertical line, and initiate a new line by drawing down and left with the stylus.

A floating toolbar accompanies this feature, providing quick access to essential functions such as backspace, new line, emojis, language switching, and clipboard visibility. The toolbar also offers additional features like triggering translations on selected text, further enriching the versatility of Gboard.

To ensure access to the new handwriting mode, users are advised to verify their Gboard installation, ensuring it is at least version 13.7. If not, checking for updates through the app store will ensure the timely adoption of this innovative feature.

This update caters to the evolving needs of tablet users, offering a seamless and efficient alternative to traditional keyboard input methods. With Gboard’s handwriting mode, users can enjoy a more intuitive and personalised input experience, enhancing productivity and ease of use.


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