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Honor Magic6 Certified by 3C with 66W Charging Speed

The much-anticipated Honor Magic6 series is gearing up for its official debut, and a recent certification from the Chinese 3C authority has provided key insights into its charging capabilities. The Honor Magic6, identified as BVL-AN00, has received certification for an impressive 66W charging speed, underscoring the brand’s commitment to delivering fast and efficient charging solutions.

Charging Technology Details:

The certification reveals that the Honor Magic6 will come equipped with an HN-110600C00 charger and an accompanying HW-110600C02 adapter capable of delivering a maximum charging speed of 66W (11V/6A). Notably, the charger also offers versatile charging options, providing speeds of 10W and 40W. This charging capability mirrors the adapter found in the Honor Magic5 Pro, showcasing a consistent focus on high-speed charging across the product lineup.

Contrary Reports and Speculations:

While initial reports hinted at a potential 80W charging speed for the Magic6 series, the 66W certification suggests otherwise. It is speculated that the higher charging speed may be reserved for a potential Magic6 Pro variant, emphasizing Honor’s commitment to offering distinct features across its product range.

Key Specifications and Features:

The Honor Magic6 series is set to feature the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, ensuring robust performance. Camera enthusiasts can look forward to a 1/1.3″ OV50K stacked sensor for the main camera and an impressive 160MP periscope telephoto lens. These specifications promise a compelling photography experience for users.


As the Honor Magic6 series inches closer to its official unveiling, the 66W charging certification adds another layer of excitement for prospective buyers. The combination of cutting-edge technology, high-speed charging, and powerful camera features positions the Magic6 as a promising contender in the competitive smartphone market.

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