Nova 12 Ultra or the P70

Mysterious Huawei Smartphone Render Sparks Speculation: Nova 12 Ultra or P70?

In a recent leak, a 3D render of a potentially groundbreaking Huawei smartphone has emerged, leaving tech enthusiasts in anticipation of whether it belongs to the Nova 12 Ultra or the P70 series. The render showcases a design reminiscent of the Huawei Nova 11 but introduces flagship features that raise eyebrows.

The focal point of the render is a cylindrical camera module, a signature of the Nova 11, although with a slightly altered arrangement. What stands out are the three buttons on the right side—volume rockers and a power button, highlighted in a distinctive red accent. The phone’s corners boast rounded edges, and the sides exhibit a subtle lack of curvature.

An intriguing element is the inclusion of an XMAGE branding on the camera island, a feature exclusive to Huawei’s top-tier P series smartphones. Speculations are rife that this might be the Huawei P70; however, even the leak’s source remains uncertain about this possibility.

Adding to the confusion, another purported render of the Huawei Nova 12 surfaced recently, showcasing a notably different camera setup than the latest leak. Given the nature of leaked renders, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the design might still undergo revisions.

In the midst of this speculation, rumors suggest that the Nova 12 Ultra could potentially offer advanced features, including XMAE imaging capabilities. The uncertainty surrounding the leaked render raises the question of whether it truly belongs to the Huawei Nova 12 Ultra or the Huawei P70. Updates will follow as more information becomes available.

In a parallel development, Huawei is actively working on a revamped version of HarmonyOS called HarmonyOS Next. This iteration will break away from Android support, signaling a shift in the operating system landscape. Collaborating with tech giants in China, Huawei aims to develop HarmonyOS apps for its smartphones, with expectations that HarmonyOS Next could debut with the upcoming Nova 12 series or Huawei P70 series smartphones.


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