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OnePlus 12 Unveiling Set for December 5: What to Expect

OnePlus enthusiasts eagerly await the December 5 launch of the highly anticipated OnePlus 12, as the company unveils its latest flagship in three striking colors – White, Green, and Black. The official images released by OnePlus align with earlier leaks, showcasing a design reminiscent of its predecessor, the OnePlus 11.

Key Features:

The standout feature of the OnePlus 12 is its pioneering periscope lens for the telephoto camera, marking a significant advancement in the brand’s camera technology. While the OnePlus Open also boasts a square design, it lacks folded optics, setting the OnePlus 12 apart as a groundbreaking addition to the smartphone market.

Design Elements:

The familiar four circles arranged in a square formation, reminiscent of the OnePlus 11, remain a constant in the OnePlus 12’s design. However, a notable departure is the absence of the LED flash from the circular island. Instead, a fourth small circle emerges, likely designated for RGB sensors or a 3D ToF sensor, showcasing OnePlus’ commitment to innovative camera capabilities.

Launch Details:

The official launch event is scheduled for December 5 at 14:30 local time in China. Contrary to earlier speculations about a December 4 keynote for the brand’s ten-year anniversary, the OnePlus 12 will take center stage, ushering in the next era of OnePlus smartphones. While the initial unveiling occurs in China, a global launch is anticipated in January, expanding the availability of the OnePlus 12 to a wider audience.

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