Samsung Galaxy S24 pre-order

Samsung Galaxy S24 Pre-Orders to Feature Double Storage at No Extra Cost

Samsung enthusiasts have a reason to rejoice as the much-anticipated Galaxy S24 flagship is set to launch on January 17, with Samsung Galaxy S24 pre-order commencing on January 18. Leaked information from South Korea indicates that Samsung plans to offer a noteworthy incentive for early birds – double the storage capacity at the original price for those placing orders before the official launch date.

In addition to the enticing storage offer, Samsung is expected to extend discounts on Galaxy Watch wearables and Galaxy Buds FE for Samsung Galaxy S24 pre-order customers. This promotion is likely to be available across major markets participating in the initial wave of the Galaxy S24 launch.

Leaked images from Brazil provide a sneak peek at the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra, showcased in the sleek Titanium Gray color. While the design appears consistent with its predecessor, notable upgrades include the addition of two microphones at the top side, promising enhanced audio capabilities.

The Galaxy S24 lineup is anticipated to debut with the integration of Generative AI, revealed through leaked information from Brazil. The upcoming One UI 6.1 interface is expected to introduce Generative AI, promising advancements in features such as Night Mode enhancement, optimization for capturing stunning 200 MP photos on the Ultra variant, and the groundbreaking addition of live language translation during voice calls.

Samsung Galaxy S24 pre-order

Samsung’s strategic move to introduce a pre-order bonus, providing double the storage at no extra cost, is likely to generate significant interest among potential buyers. This marketing tactic aligns with the company’s commitment to providing added value to its customers, making the Galaxy S24 an even more appealing choice in the competitive smartphone market.

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