Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera upgrades

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera Upgrades Unveiled by Reliable Tipster Revegnus

In a recent leak by renowned tipster Revegnus, details surrounding the camera upgrades for Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra have emerged, offering a glimpse into the technological advancements we can expect in the coming years. The focus, however, extends beyond the S24, with revelations about improvements in the S25 and S26 Ultra models up to 2026.

Galaxy S24 Ultra: Enhanced Periscope Camera with 50MP Sensor

The Galaxy S24 Ultra, set for a mid-January release, is slated for a substantial camera overhaul. The periscope camera will transition to a 50MP sensor featuring 0.7µm pixels, a significant leap from the current 10MP with 1.12µm pixels on the S23. Users will be given the option of larger pixels with binning for enhanced image quality or increased zoom capabilities. Samsung’s commitment to high-resolution telephoto sensors is evident, promising an elevated photography experience.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera upgrades

Galaxy S25 Ultra: Major Camera Upgrades, Variable Focal Length for Periscope

The following year, the Galaxy S25 Ultra is anticipated to deliver a noteworthy enhancement to its camera system. The main lens will undergo a transformation, and the ultra-wide module will be upgraded to a 50MP sensor, a remarkable advancement from the 12MP sensors found in the S23 and S24 Ultras. Notably, the periscope camera is set to feature a variable focal length, a feature currently exclusive to Sony. This innovation will optimize optical zoom, improving the quality of zoomed-in shots.

Galaxy S26 Ultra: Main Camera Sensor Upgrade to 200MP

Looking ahead to 2026, the Galaxy S26 Ultra promises the most significant upgrade of the three models. The main camera sensor will see a size increase from the current 1/1.3” 0.6µm to 1.1” 0.7µm, while maintaining a staggering resolution of 200MP. This enhancement underscores Samsung’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobile photography.

While the S25 and S25+ are also expected to receive camera upgrades, they will be more modest compared to their Ultra counterpart.

In summary, Samsung’s roadmap for its Ultra models showcases a strategic evolution in camera technology, promising users an immersive and cutting-edge photography experience in the years to come.

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