Sony Xperia Pro-II

Sony Xperia Pro-II Rumored to Feature Innovative Rotating Camera Ring

In a recent leak originating from Weibo and discussed on the Japanese site sumahodigest, it is suggested that the upcoming Sony Xperia Pro-II will introduce a groundbreaking feature—a rotating camera ring. This innovative design is said to control essential camera functions such as zoom, aperture, and focus, resembling the controls found on DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

Sony Xperia Pro-II

The leaked information hints at a single ring that will sequentially manage one of the three features at a time. Drawing inspiration from the Xperia Pro-I, the Pro-II may adopt a variable aperture similar to its predecessor, allowing users to switch between f/1.2 and f/4.0, a notable improvement from the Pro-I’s limited options.

While some doubt Sony’s ability to smoothly adjust the aperture, considering the Pro-I’s limitations, the rotating ring mechanism might provide a more intuitive and precise control method. This could mark a significant departure from the traditional two-stage shutter key present on Sony phones for many years.

Moreover, there is speculation that the rotating camera ring might not be exclusive to controlling the Xperia Pro-II’s built-in cameras. Given Sony’s phones’ capability to serve as external displays for the company’s mirrorless cameras, this feature could potentially act as an additional control interface for connected cameras, enhancing the overall photography experience.

Sony Xperia Pro-II

The Xperia Pro-II is anticipated to launch next year, approximately three years after the Pro-I’s debut. Leaks suggest upgrades to all three camera modules, promising improved imaging capabilities. Whether the new model will be unveiled alongside the Xperia 1 VI and 5 VI at the MWC or reserved for a dedicated launch remains uncertain.

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