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Samsung Plans to Launch Affordable Foldable Phone in 2023, Catering to Mid-Range Segment

In a bid to make Samsung affordable foldable phone more accessible to a wider audience, Samsung is reportedly gearing up to introduce a more affordable foldable device next year. According to sources within the supply chain, the South Korean tech giant is targeting the mid-range segment with a foldable phone, possibly a Fan Edition variant.

The move comes as a response to the common barrier preventing many consumers from embracing foldable technology—the hefty price tag associated with such devices. Samsung, widely credited for pioneering the foldable phone trend, aims to bridge the affordability gap in its lineup, which currently includes the Galaxy Z Flip starting at $999 and the Galaxy Z Fold 5 at $1,799.

While details about the mid-range foldable device remain scarce, the prospect of a foldable phone priced below $999 is promising for users eager to explore this innovative technology without breaking the bank. However, questions linger about potential compromises in terms of durability and specifications.

One crucial aspect to consider is whether Samsung will cut corners on the device’s durability to achieve a lower price point. The durability of foldable phones has been a significant concern for consumers, and any compromises in this area could deter potential buyers. Striking a balance between affordability and robust design will be crucial for Samsung’s success in this venture.

As the launch of the mid-range Samsung affordable foldable phone is anticipated for next year, consumers can expect further details to emerge in the coming months. Samsung is likely to unveil the device alongside other additions to its foldable phone lineup. Stay tuned for more updates on this promising development, as we keep you informed about everything related to the mid-range foldable phone from Samsung in the coming months.

Source: TrendForce

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