iQOO 12 series

iQOO 12 Promises Extended Software Support and Streamlined User Experience with Funtouch OS 14

In a significant move towards enhancing user experience, iQOO has unveiled exciting details about its upcoming iQOO 12 series. The company has officially declared its commitment to providing users with an impressive three years of major OS updates, coupled with an extended support duration of four years for security patches.

Funtouch OS 14, the latest iteration of iQOO’s custom Android skin, is set to play a pivotal role in transforming the way users interact with their devices. Known for its persistent inclusion of “Hot Apps” and “Hot Games” in previous versions, Funtouch OS 14 takes a bold step by eliminating these often-criticized pre-installed applications. This move is expected to significantly reduce bloatware, delivering a cleaner and more streamlined interface to users right out of the box.

iQOO 12 series

The announcement comes after iQOO shared a comprehensive list of eligible devices for the Funtouch OS 14 update, showcasing the brand’s commitment to keeping a wide range of its products up-to-date. This shift aligns with the growing consumer demand for smartphones with minimal pre-installed applications, allowing users to customize their devices according to their preferences.

While iQOO’s commitment to three major OS updates falls slightly short of industry leaders like Samsung, OnePlus, and Google, the move is widely considered a positive step in the right direction. As iQOO continues to establish its presence in the smartphone market, the promise of extended software support demonstrates the brand’s dedication to longevity and user satisfaction.

As we eagerly await the global release of the iQOO 12 series, these advancements in both software and support underscore iQOO’s evolution and willingness to adapt to user expectations in a competitive market.


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